The Red Hat, framed.

Our 7 Palettes Exhibit is Over and We All Did Fairly Well

Our two-day exhibit at the Yellow Barn drew steady streams of visitors as well as pleasantly crowded scrum for the Saturday evening reception.  I believe every one of we Seven Palettes sold one or two framed paintings, along with ‘bin art’ (unframed originals and prints packed with mat and backing), and greeting cards based on our art.

A framed print of “The Red Hat”, an archival giclee of one of my favorite iPad paintings, found a good home, as did “Red on Yellow, C&O Canal Autumn”, one of my gouache paintings. I also sold several matted giclees and a print on tempered glass from my “Fruit, Veggies & Flowers” iPad series.  I don’t think I’ve shown you what the glass printings look like.  Here’s a snapshot of several (the black around each is padding to protect the tiles during shipping).

Some iPad Pints on Tempered Glass

Some iPad Prints on Tempered Glass

Many of the visitors asked questions about the ins and outs of iPad art, as well as gouache, so maybe there will be further opportunities to teach those techniques,

2 thoughts on “Our 7 Palettes Exhibit is Over and We All Did Fairly Well

  1. Helen Gallaagher

    Your “Fruit, Veggies, and Flowers” series is a great success. They are so beautiful–great size! Congratulations on them and on our show!

    1. Maureen Post author

      Thanks, Helen. Your pieces are beautiful too. I’m still smiling when I remember your two little girls patting the piglet!


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