I like to paint and draw sculptures, castings, molds and the like. It lets me focus on form and value without the distraction and mystique of glorious color. This majestic Italian lion from the BMA sculpture garden was great fun to paint.

painting of a stone lion sculpture displayed at Baltimore Museum of Art

Italian Lion, Baltimore Museum of Art. Original iPad Painting. 1:1 aspect ratio. 2017.



2 thoughts on “The Lion ~~ Baltimore Museum of Art

  1. Mary O'Keefe Snell

    Really cool Maureen! Your many works are exciting and increasing in beauty and interest with every stroke!!!

    1. Maureen Post author

      I’m glad you like them, Mary. But strokes can be a ‘sometime thing’ — the next one may stink! Fortunately, it’s easier to ‘undo’ on the iPad than on a painting or drawing!


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