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Catching Up on Recent Paintings ~ Somber House

view from my back door, painted 'live'

View from my back door, painted ‘live’.  Oil on Arches Oil Paper.

I’m kind of a housebody (take after my grandmother Ceci), so I don’t often paint ‘plein air’.  While my art buddies were out painting in the hot summer sun, I decided to paint what I see out of my back door window daily.

I’m thinking that lovely blue sky is too cheerful for the mood of the painting.  What do you think??

A Second Painting for the Writers Center Exhibit

Here’s another of my paintings to be featured at the Writers Center exhibit, opening in late June.  A ‘plein air’ painting (done in the great outdoors) painted along S Street, NW, DC, in a workshop offered by Carol Rubin, another wonderful artist.

three colorful bushes on S Street, NW, DC

S Street Lollipops.  Oil on Linen Panel.


Upcoming Juried Exhibit – Second Year Selected

I’m honored to have been selected again for inclusion in the second annual Hill Center Regional Juried Exhibition.  The judge this year is Philip Kennicott, Art and Architecture Critic for The Washington Post.  Here’s my painting, one of 65 works selected from over 450 works submitted by almost 100 artists.  I must admit – I was surprised!

Fall on the C & O Canal

Blazing Canal.  Gouache on Paper.


Painting/Padding the Neighbors’ Weeping Cherry Again

Beautiful Memorial Day weekend, leisurely breakfast at the kitchen table, spotting a bird flitting away from the weeping cherry next door. Just had to do a quick celebratory iPad painting of the tree — now decked out in its full greens, beautifully offset by the juicy dark shadows under the flowing branches. Have a good, peaceful and remembering weekend.


Weeping Cherry. original iPad painting.

Paint the Kitchen Table. Paint the Kitchen Sky.

Yesterday I read an interesting post by Daniel Gerhartz about the hubris of ‘needing’ to paint a grandiose image, while neglecting the “profound, staggering elegance of the subject right before my eyes”.

outside my window on a drowsy spring day.  original iPad painting.

matching trees and white clouds outside my window on a drowsy spring morning. original iPad painting.

He’s talking my walk.  I love looking at everything in my path.   Right before seeing Dan’s post I had been mentally composing an image based on the condiment bottles before me on the kitchen table.

The sunlight was falling ‘just so’ on the tops of their caps, making stair-steps of light down through the bottles shaded by the window will.  It would make the perfect line drawing or a juicy value painting.

salt and pepper, mirrored.  original iPad painting.

salt and pepper shakers, meeting their match in the napkin holder. original iPad painting.

And looking up and out the window I noticed that distant treetops were the same yellow-brown-green as my neighbor’s weeping cherry, now that its flowers had fallen.  And gorgeous clouds were slowly sweeping across a strong blue sky.

In honor of Dan and the daily, I decided to grab my iPad and make a few sketches of the loveliness at my fingertips.  I also took some pix of the stair stepping bottle tops — they deserve a painting on canvas!

stairs on my table

stairs on my table.