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Teaching and Being Taught in Lafayette

Last week I taught a one day iPad art workshop to a number of local artists in Lafayette LA and then attended a three-day workshop in watercolor journaling held by Don Getz and organized by my sister Ceci. Another sister, Mercedes, participated in much of the fun, including the iPad session. Since I was so close to home, Ceci and I swung over to Biloxi afterward to visit our dad and his wife and more brothers and sisters.

As for making art while out-of-town, I didn’t paint while teaching. And it was so cold and windy during the plein air workshop that I didn’t do anything of note then either. In fact, after a couple of watercolor/ink drawings, I resorted to my iPad to get something — anything — down before my hands went numb. Though everything is unfinished, I’ll show you the state of play (along with a few photos of what we were memorializing) so you can get a flavor for the beauty of Cajun country. Teaser: we painted the St. John Cathedral Oak, the third largest live oak in the country.

Gotta New GrandBoy!

I’ve been falling down on the blog because I’ve fallen for our new grandbaby, a sweet boy named Max.

I won’t post a picture — an not sure of the degree of privacy my son and his wife would prefer. But suffice it to say, we’re all thrilled. I’ve looked through my images to find something that expresses the joy, vitality, and excitement associated with this wonderful event.

A Burst of Joy

A Biloxi Burst of Joy -- Fit for the JoyBoy

A Visit to the Newseum to See the Katrina and 9/11 Exhibits

I spent Saturday touring the magnificent Newseum in Washington, DC.

Kat Bergeron, one of the Sun Herald’s Pulitzer Prize winning team covering the hurricane, her sister Estelle, and I studied the moving Katrina exhibit, which is scheduled to close later this month. The exhibit memorializes the tireless efforts of the local press to publish critical information about the catastrophe that destroyed my family’s home, along with much of the rest of Biloxi, MS.

front page of Sun Herald after Katrina urging 'Help Us Now'

Sun Herald cover urges, 'Help Us Now'

We also previewed the new exhibit commemorating the tenth anniversary of 9/11. The exhibit includes a large remnant of the Twin Towers and many other objects that speak to this national tragedy, along with front pages of newspapers from around the world. Here is a view looking down over the exhibit.

A piece of the twin towers structure, as well as dozens of newspaper covers reporting the event.

Overlooking Newseum's new 9/11 Exhibit