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Teaching and Being Taught in Lafayette

Last week I taught a one day iPad art workshop to a number of local artists in Lafayette LA and then attended a three-day workshop in watercolor journaling held by Don Getz and organized by my sister Ceci. Another sister, Mercedes, participated in much of the fun, including the iPad session. Since I was so close to home, Ceci and I swung over to Biloxi afterward to visit our dad and his wife and more brothers and sisters.

As for making art while out-of-town, I didn’t paint while teaching. And it was so cold and windy during the plein air workshop that I didn’t do anything of note then either. In fact, after a couple of watercolor/ink drawings, I resorted to my iPad to get something — anything — down before my hands went numb. Though everything is unfinished, I’ll show you the state of play (along with a few photos of what we were memorializing) so you can get a flavor for the beauty of Cajun country. Teaser: we painted the St. John Cathedral Oak, the third largest live oak in the country.

Newish iPad Fun

I’ve been distracted lately by a major house re-org, urged on by my selected ‘completion reward': revamping my office area to include a nice, sunny area for painting. Yum. In the meantime, I’ve been teaching an iPad class and preparing for a trip to Lafayette, LA to teach a one-day iPad workshop and attend a four-day watercolor journaling workshop. More on that later.

I’ve done a few new iPad pieces over the last couple of months. Here they are:

Admiring Make Piece Pretties

Admiring Make Piece Pretties




Blessings for Christmas and All Other Winter Holidays — and Happy New Year!

My husband and I are just back from a lovely Christmas in California. We visited with family in Oakland, Lincoln and Healdsburg before returning to Oakland for a final visit with grandboy Max and his parents.

Here are the two iPad images I made to use as Christmas cards, followed by another image for those of a different religious tradition or for use as New Year card.

The Baby

The Baby

I have to give ‘The Baby’ top billing — though I was inspired to paint this rendition of a statue after painting the two statues below. (I fondly think of this vignette, based on an antique shop window I saw in New York, as ‘Two Marys and the Baby’.)

Two Marys and the Baby

Two Marys and the Baby

And this cheerful sunflower may be just what we need to banish all wintry gloom and guide us into thoughts of the New Year and new Spring coming around the bend. I hope each of you is enjoying this special time of year. All my best!



iPaintings Galore

I’ve been painting up a storm on my trusty iPad lately. I had been planning to try to sell some high quality, archival prints of some images, along with greeting card prints of other paintings, over the holiday season. Bronchitis intervened. So no marketing, but plenty of satisfaction from all of the new iPad art. I’ll share them with you over the next few days.

Here are a couple:

pitcher and pals

pitcher and pals


round eggplant – never saw one before!

Quick Sketches, Another Nude

Last week at the Yellow Barn, we were graced with a fit and angular male model, Wayne, who maintained a very difficult pose with few breaks.

I chose somewhat unconventional compositions. For the first, I was seated at roughly eye level, looking from the top of his head down the length of his prone body (he was laying atop a series of folding tables that seemed none too stable).

nude 1

For the second, which was done more quickly than the first, I sat behind Wayne, a vantage from which his body looked like a lanky wedge.

nude 2

From whatever angle, Wayne is a wonderful model.

Fingerpainting Maria & Her Cool Sundress

Maria and her sassy sundress were posing at the Yellow Barn this afternoon. I think I’m getting hooked on using my iPad & ArtRage rather than those messy oils! Here’s the result of today’s session.

Maria in sundress

Maria models in her sundress.